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May 2012, Liverpool

Thursday 3rd May

0845 - 1045      Parallel Sessions

Chair: Prof Bill Fraser

Transplantation and the Laboratory
Chair: Mr John Kane

Keynote Lecture:
Metabolic consequences of obesity
Dr John Wilding, Liverpool

Monitoring of immunosuppressants
Prof David Holt, London

Paediatric obesity
Prof Julian Shield, Bristol

Histocompatibility testing for transplantation
Dr Sue Martin, Manchester

Seasonal obesity
Prof Howard Morris, Adelaide, Australia

Infection in the immunocompromised
Dr Jim Anson, Liverpool

Metabolic consequences of bariatric surgery
Prof Jonathan Pinkney, Plymouth

1045 - 1145      Break & Exhibition Attendance 
1055 - 1140      Industry Sponsored Workshops 
1145 - 1230      The Flynn lecture 

Inflammation: Its impact on biochemical parameters and micronutrient assessment
Dr Dennis O'Reilly, Glasgow

1230 - 1400      Lunch and Exhibition 
1300 - 1345      Attended Poster Session 
1300 - 1345      Forum Interactive: What's Europe ever done for clinical
Presenters: Gilbert Wieringa, ACB European Officer and  
                           Ian Watson, President EFCC
1400 - 1600      Parallel Sessions 

Extremes of Age
Chair: Prof Alan Shenkin

Clinical Cases
Chair: Dr Danielle Freedman

The epidemic of sarcopenia in the elderly
Prof Malcolm Jackson, Liverpool


Dr Annachiara De Sandre-Giovannoli, Marseille, France


Biochemistry of prematurity
Dr W Yoxall, Liverpool



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