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May 2012, Liverpool

Tuesday 1st May

0845 - 1045     Parallel Sessions 

Non Invasive Monitoring
Chair: Dr Ian Watson

Chair: Dr Charles van Heyningen

Keynote Lecture:
Prof Jeremy Nicholson, London

Genetic determinants of plasma lipid traits 
Prof Steven Humphries, London

The value of odours for the detection of bowel disease
Prof Christopher Probert, Bristol 

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) - the role of family cascade testing
Dr Ian McDowell, Cardiff

Prof David Smith, Newcastle-under-Lyme

What is the new statin intolerance? Advances and solutions
Dr Anthony Wierzbicki, London


New treatments and new targets for managing lipid disorders
Dr Dermot Neely, Newcastle upon Tyne

1045 - 1145      Break & Exhibition Attendance 
1055 - 1140      Industry Sponsored Workshops 

from IDS

and Waters

1145 - 1230     ACB Foundation Award Lecture 
Defining a diet for life - the role of the laboratory
Prof Ian Young, Belfast
1230 - 1400     Lunch and Exhibition 
1300 - 1345     Attended Poster Session 
1300 - 1345     Forum Interactive: How to write a Scientific Paper
Presenters: Anthony Newmand and Edmund Lamb
                           - Why to publish / What to publish 
                           - Where to publish / How the peer-review process     
                           - Successful article structure 
                           - Publishing Ethics                   
1400 - 1445     Plenary Lecture
                           POCT in the battlefield
Major Tracey Smith-Straney, Aintree 
1445 - 1515     Break & Exhibition Attendance 
1515 - 1715     Parallel Sessions 

Sports Medicine
Chair: Dr Andrew Wootton

Water Homeostasis
Chair: Prof Geoff Gill

Metabolic adaptation to exercise and aging: free radicals can be good for you
Dr Graeme Close, Liverpool

Water water everywhere, but how is it regulated?
The story of Water Homeostasis
Dr David Wile, Liverpool

Metabolic adaptation to high intensity training: a little pain for a lot of gain
Dr James Morton, Liverpool

Moving points in the physiology and treatment of disorders of water balance
Prof Chris Thompson, Dublin

Optimising preparation for endurance athletic performance: important lessons for surviving high risk surgery and critical care
Dr Paul Dark, Salford

The role of apelin in fluid homeostasis
Dr Catherine Llorens-Cortes, Paris, France


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