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May 2012, Liverpool

Wednesday 2nd May

0845 - 1045      Parallel Sessions

Chair: Dr Trevor Hine

Abbott Hosted Session: Cardiovascular Complications

Chair: Dr Richard Chapman, London

Clinical Practice Section:
Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes

 Chair: Stuart Smellie


Keynote Lecture:
Information management for point of care testing

Dr Jonathan Kay, Oxford

Managing Cardiac Markers
Dr Paul Collinson, London

Key Changes

Dr Paul Stevens, Canterbury

Data visualisation
Dr Craig Webster, Birmingham

Improving Cardiac Surgery Outcomes
Dr Olaf Stanger, London

Assessment of GFR and proteinuria - What have KDIGO changed?

Dr Edmund Lamb, Canterbury

Data mining
Prof Anthony Fryer, Stoke on Trent

New insights in ACS
Dr Nicholas Mills, Edinburgh

Assessment of GFR and proteinuria - Are the changes for the better?

Dr Mark MacGregor, Kilmarnock

Demand management
Dr Rick Jones, Leeds

Risk and Prognosis in CVD
Dr Richard Body, Manchester

KDIGO CKD Guidelines 2012 - The voice of clinical reason

Dr Chris Winearls, Oxford

1045 - 1145      Break & Exhibition Attendence
1055 - 1140      Industry Sponsored Workshops  

from Alpha Laboratories

and Sebia UK

1145 - 1230      AACC Transatlantic Award Lecture  

Dr Greg Miller, USA



1230 - 1400      Lunch and Exhibition  
1300 - 1345      Attend Poster Session 
1300 - 1345      Forum Interactive: Pre- and Post- Analytical Errors:
                            The KIMMS solution
Presenters: Andrew Wootton, Jen Glaysher and Penny     
1400 - 1445      ACB International Lecture

Vitamin D Status and Bone Health: Critical Decision Levels
Prof Howard Morris, Adelaide, Australia

1445 - 1515       Break & Exhibition Attendance
1515 - 1715       Parallel Sessions

Adult Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Chair: Mr Paul Newlands

Dr Martin Lombard, Liverpool

Dr Reena Sharma, Salford

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia in adults
Prof Richard Ross, Sheffield

Dr Lakshminarayan Ranganath, Liverpool


ACB Medal Award

The Effect of Bariatric Surgery Induced Weight Loss on Renal-, Systemic Inflammation and Blood Pressure: A 12-Month Prospective Study
Karishma Patel, London

The diagnostic value of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin for acute kidney injury in an intensive care unit–a pilot study
Emma Ashley, Reading

An enzymatic assay for the detection of glycolic acid in serum as a marker of ethylene glycol poisoning
Sally Hanton, Liverpool

Determination of Lipoprotein(a) Kringle Repeat Number From Genomic DNA: Comparison to Lipoprotein(a) Concentration and Two Genetic Variants Associated With Lipoprotein(a)
Alexander Lawson, Birmingham

Biochemical and genetic characterisation of a novel albumin (ALB) gene mutation (R222I) associated with familial dysalbuminaemic h yperthyroxinaemia (FDH)
Olivia Bacon, Cambridge

A method for the measurement of Lysosomal Acid Lipase activity from dry blood spots.
Iain Jones, Glasgow


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