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Thursday 18th April

0845 - 1045    Parallel Sessions

GI Biomarkers - recent developments
Chair: Ms Hazel Borthwick, Darlington

LC-MS/MS symposium
Chair: Ms Alexandra Yates, Manchester

Genetic influence to the development and progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Dr Quentin Anstee, Newcastle

The importance of standardisation in LC-MS/MS
Mrs Laura Owen, Manchester

Biomarkers and fibrosis
Dr Mark Hudson, Newcastle

Ion suppression, the problem and how to overcome it
Dr Joanne Adaway, Manchester

Calprotectin - where and when?
Dr Anjan Dhar, Bishop Auckland

Method validation - requirements for accreditation
Mrs Debbie Hudson, Berwick Upon Tweed

Clinical utility of lactoferrin
Dr Reena Sidhu, Sheffield

New developments in MS technologies for use in Clinical Diagnostics

Mr Neil Leaver, Harefield

1045 - 1145    Break, Attended Poster Session & Exhibition Attendance
1055 - 1140    Industry Sponsored Workshops

Shimadzu: TBC

Immunodiagnostic Systems (IDS) Plc:

Reasons for changing growth assays to a new method

Paediatric considerations for growth assays
Claire Manfredonia, Pre-registration Clinical Biochemist, Department of Biochemistry, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Newborn Screening Laboratory, St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester

Pre-analytical factors regarding growth sample referrals
Phillip J Monaghan, Senior Clinical Scientist, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

1145 - 1230

ACB International Lecture
Error budgeting and soft skills in Laboratory Medicine
Dr Henk M J Goldschmidt, Tilburg, The Netherlands

1230 - 1400    Lunch and Exhibition
1230 - 1315    Federation of Clinical Scientists AGM
1315 - 1400    Association for Clinical Biochemistry AGM
1400 - 1600    Parallel Sessions

Hot Topics
Chair: Mr Ian Hanning, Hull

Chair: Professor Rodney Pollitt, Sheffield


Maple syrup urine disease
Mrs Mary Anne Preece, Birmingham


Isovaleric acidaemia
Professor Kim Bartlett, Newcastle


Professor Sufin Yap, Sheffield


Glutaric aciduria
Professor Dr Stefan Kolker, Heidelberg, Germany


Long chain hydroxyl acyl dehydrogenase deficiency
Dr Simon Olpin, Sheffield

  Newborn screening for rare disorders - how do we do it and how do we choose?
Professor Rodney Pollitt, Sheffield
1600    Closing Ceremony


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