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Tuesday 16th April

0845 - 1045       Parallell Sessions

Clinical efficiences - the laboratory contribution
Chair: Dr Stuart Smellie, Durham

Current questions in Endocrinology
Chair: Professor Eric Kilpatrick, Hull

Laboratory reconfiguration - efficiences from within
Mrs Ruth Lapworth, Ashford

The impact of method differences on interpretation of cortisol measurements
Dr Carol Evans, Cardiff

Moving on with resteting intervals - lab driven practice efficiences
Dr Tim Lang, Durham

Cortisol excess - how should we measure it
Dr Andrew Levy, Bristol

Improving efficiency with demand control - does it help the patient
Prof Tony Fryer, Stoke on Trent

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How should we really diagnose primary hyperaldosteronism
Dr Marie Freel, Glasgow

1045 - 1145        Break & Exhibition Attendance 
1055 - 1140        Industry Sponsored Workshops  

Biohit Healthcare Ltd: GastroPanel stomach biomarker test – Clinical Chemistry’s New solution for Patients with dyspepsia.
Professor Pentti Sipponen, MD, PhD., (Finland)

Waters: Automation of sample preparation for LC/MS methods
Sam Read, Clinical Specialist

1145 - 1230        ACB Foundation Award Lecture  

Bright Paths
Dr William Marshall, London

1230 - 1400       Lunch and Exhibition
1300 - 1345       Attend Poster Session
1400 - 1445

The Flynn Lecture
Metabolomics Moving to the Clinic: Small molecule profiles for diagnostics and improved therapeutics
Prof Anders Nordstrom, Sweden

1445 - 1515        Break & Exhibition Attendance  
1515 - 1715        Parallel Sessions

Research in Clinical Biochemistry. "Biomarkers: discovery to clinic"
Chair: Dr Douglas Thompson, Leeds

Back to Basics
Chair: Ms Caroline Addison, Gateshead

Audit Symposium
Chair: Mrs Anette Thomas, Cardiff

From clinical proteomics to clinical tests
Professor Roz Banks, Leeds

Liver Function Tests, what do they really mean and how should they be used? Dr Stephen Ryder, Nottingham

A national survey of turnaround times
Dr Derek McKillop, Craigavon

Application of proteomics to cardiac biomarker discovery Professor Jennifer Van Eyk, Baltimore, USA

Back to basics - thyroid function tests.
Dr Salman Razvi, Gateshead

Where eGFR is being used to guide drug therapy - is there a study that validates its use? - a national audit
Dr Mike Bosomworth, Leeds

Experience of a diagnostic manufacture in the translation of biomarkers into clinical use
Mr John Lamont, Randox Laboratories, Crumlin

Back to basics - Hyponatraemia
Dr Steve Ball, Newcastle

Effective local audits

The NICE diagnostics assessment programme
Dr Nick Crabb, Manchester

Laboratory and Clinical Evaluation of Diabetes Insipidus
Professor Pierre-Marc Bouloux, London



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