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Wednesday 17th April

0845 - 1045   Parallel Sessions

Primary care: Hot Topics
Chair: Mr Ian Barlow, Scunthorpe

Abbott Hosted Session: The Diamond Generation; Pathology begins at 60?
Chair: Professor Garry John, Norwich

ACB Medal Award

The effect of glycaemic status on cell activation, monocyte polarisation and actin polymerisation in diabetic and non-diabetic recruits
Ms Gina Sanki, Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil

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Commissioning of NHS pathology services: where are we now?
Mr Peter Huntley, Kent and Medway

The complex patient
Professor William Fraser, Norwich

Molecular Profiling of Statin Patients: SLCO1B1 - A Biomarker to Predict Statin Sensitivity
Ms Laura Tooth, St George's Hospital, London

The "ideal" pathology service - A GP and Clinical Commissioning Perspective
Dr Nick Summerton, Driffield

Metabolic sufficiency at 60: Physiological and analytical challenges
Dr Dominic Harrington, London

Genetic polymorphisms in the one-carbon metabolic pathway and their association with birth weight
Mr Christopher Duff, University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent

Delivering a quality service: the voice of the customer
Mr Martin Fottles, Lincoln

The Failing Heart
Dr Kenneth Wong, Hull

Mass spectrometric immunoassay (MSIATM) for intact parathyroid hormone: correlation with immunoassay and application to clinical samples.
Mr Lewis Couchman, King's College Hospital, London

GP - patient pathology services and novel communication methods
Dr Amir Hannan, Glossop

Diabetes and aging
Dr Mark Strachan, Edinburgh

Development of a qualitative Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) method for the detection of “legal highs” in urine
Ms Laura Ghandhi, University Hospitals Leicester
    Initial laboratory experience from the first UK centre offering anti-TNFα drug and anti-drug antibody monitoring to aid personalised therapy.
Mr Nick Unsworth, GSTS Pathology Guys' and St Thomas' Hospital NHS Trust, London
0845 - 1230

Immunology Session: Autoimmunity

1045 - 1145    Break & Exhibition Attendance
1055 - 1140    Industry Sponsored Workshops

Alpha Laboratories: NGAL in Clinical Decision Making
Dr Andreas Peter, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, Pathobiochemistry and Clinical Chemistry, University of Tuebingen, Germany

NGAL - Beyond AKI
Dr Roy Sherwood

Immundiagnostik AG: IBD: Biochemical Markers for state-of-the-art Diagnosis and Therapy Monitoring
“TNF alpha blocker therapy monitoring: algorithm, validation, PANTS clinical study”
Dr Mandy Perry, Royal Devon & Exeter Foundation Trust, Exeter, UK

“IBD stool diagnostics - Calprotectin as prognostic and therapy monitoring marker”
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. oec. troph Jürgen Stein, Crohn Colitis Centre, Frankfurt, Germany

1145 - 1230    ACB/AACC Transatlantic Award Lecture

Biomarkers of heart disease: current status, future promise
Prof Robert Christenson, Baltimore, USA

1230 - 1400    Lunch and Exhibition
1300 - 1345    Attend Poster Session
1400 - 1445    Professors' Prize Lecture

Studies of the calcium-sensing receptor and its signalling pathway provide novel insights into calcium homeostasis
Dr Fadil Hannan, Oxford, UK

1345 - 1715

Immunology Session: Allergy

1445 - 1515    Break & Exhibition Attendance
1515 - 1715    Parallel Sessions

Clinical Teasers
Chair: Dr Danielle Freedman, Luton

Evidence in action
Chair: Dr Robert Hill, Sheffield

Clinical Cases selected from abstract submissions

Decision support - what is the evidence that it changes requesting behaviour?
Professor Jonathan Kay, Oxford


Evidence based practice for the introduction of a BNP service?
Dr Gilbert Wieringa, Bolton


What we can learn from a systematic review of the evidence of POCT for HbA1c
Professor Chris Price, Oxford


Has measuring troponins by highly sensitive methods improved patient care?
Dr Robert Hill, Sheffield


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