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Tuesday 9th June

0900 - 0915  Welcome
0915 - 1000 ACB Foundation Award Lecture
Colorectal cancer screening - challenges and solutions
Prof Stephen Halloran, Guildford
1000 - 1100 Break, Exhibition and Industry Sponsored Workshops
1010 - 1055 T1 BD (Becton Dickinson)
Improving quality in & speed of the Preanalytical Phase - what can be done? 
- Ghazaleh Pourmahram

Improving the Preanalytical (PA) Phase through auditing - how can we support you? - Ghazaleh Pourmahram

T2 Thermo Fisher Scientific
Mass Spectrometry for the clinical scientist: Where we are today? 
-  Ed Goucher 
1100 - 1300 Parallel Sessions  
  Steroids and Sex Genetics and Genomics
  Disorders of sex development
Dr Gill Rumsby, London
Pharmacogenomics and pharmacometabonomics for personalised medicine
Prof Jeremy Everett, Greenwich
  New uses of AMH and its value in clinical practice
Dr Richard Anderson, Edinburgh
Cancer treatment and targeted therapy
Dr Andrew Wallace, Manchester
  Androgen replacement
Dr Richard Quinton, Newcastle
Implications of pharmacogenomics for drug safety
Prof Munir Pirmohamed, Liverpool
  Androgen abuse
Prof David Cowan, London
Cell free DNA and prenatal testing
Prof Peter Soothill, Bristol
1300 - 1430 Lunch and Exhibition
1330 - 1345 Exhibition Presentation
Expert Panel Revitalised, Dr. Maurice O’Kane
1330 - 1420 Attended Poster Session
1430 - 1515 The Flynn Lecture
Improving healthcare: underpinning the clinical revolution with high quality pathology
Ian Barnes
1515 - 1545 Break and Exhibition
1525 - 1545

Exhibition Presentation
Ian Weeks, Cardiff University

  Parallel Sessions
  Porphyrias Audit Symposium
  Acute porphyrias: diagnosis and management
Prof David Rees, London
Chair: Annette Thomas
  The role of genetic testing in porphyrias
Dr Mike Badminton, Cardiff
The use of HbA1c in the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Sarah Robinson, Cheshire


  Protoporphyria: new developments and novel treatment approaches
Dr Bob Sarkany, London
National Audit on peri/menopause testing
Dr Annie Armston, Southampton 
  The European Porphyria Network: improving diagnostic accuracy through quality assurance and networking
Prof Sverre Sandberg, Bergen, Norway
An evaluation of the use of serum
peanut-specific IgE measurements

Dr Shirley Bowles, Chester

The utility of biochemical and genetic tests in
diagnosing hereditary haemochromatosis;
a 12-month audit of HFE genotyping referrals

Ms Maria Flenley, Preston

An audit assessing adherence to trust
guideline for phosphate replacement for
hypophosphataemic patients in non-critical
care wards

Dr Laura Green, Manchester


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