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Wednesday 10th June

0845 - 1045 Parallel Sessions
  Haematology and Immunology for Biochemists Metbionet Symposium: Inherited Muscle Diseases
  The challenge of diagnosing vitamin B12 deficiency
Dr Dominic Harrington, London
Investigation of suspected metabolic muscle disease
Dr Duncan Cole, Cardiff
  Laboratory diagnosis of iron deficiency
Dr Wayne Thomas, Plymouth
Mitochondrial muscle disease
Prof Robert Taylor, Newcastle
  Erythroprotein: measurement and clinical applications
Dr Joanne Marsden, London
Muscular dystrophies
Dr Anirban Majumdar, Bristol
  Immunodeficiency disorders
Dr Kimberley Gilmour, London
Glycogen storage disorders
Dr Ros Quinlivin, London

1045 - 1145





Break and Exhibition
Industry Sponsored Workshops

W1 Immundiagnostik AG
Biochemical Markers for IBD: Clinical performance – characteristics – outcome

Anti-TNF monitoring in Crohn’s disease and the PANTS Study - Mandy Perry
Faecal calprotectin – the key to a more personalised and cost effective management in IBD - Jürgen Stein

W2 Waters
A UNIFI-ed Approach to High Resolution Drug Screening - Nayan Mistry

1100 - 1115 Exhibition Presentation
Successful Collaboration through the Health Technology Challenge -
Dr Corinne Squire, South East Wales Academic Health Science Partnership

Zivak Technologies, driving your business - Mr Mahmut Berdan
1145 - 1230 Professors' Prize Lecture
Dr Jason Gill, Glasgow
1230 - 1400  Lunch and Exhibition
1300 - 1350 Lunchtime Debate
'This house believes that point of care testing in supermarkets is a great healthcare advance'
1300 - 1350  Attended Poster Session
1305 - 1320 Exhibition Presentation
Expert Panel Revitalised, Dr Robert Hill
1400 - 1445 ACB/AACC Transatlantic Award Lecture
Enhancing the value of laboratory test results in primary care
Prof David Koch, Atlanta, USA
1445 - 1515 Break and Exhibition
1515 - 1715  Point of Care Testing ACB Medal Award
  Holographic biosensors
Dr Jenny Versnel, Cambridge
Identification of therapeutic insulin analogues in human serum by insulin immunocapture LC-MS/MS in a district general hospital
Dr Cerys Mayne, Guildford
  POCT as an enabler of new models of care
Dr Daniel Lasserson, Oxford
A novel ‘dilute and shoot’ liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
method for the screening of antihypertensive drugs in urine
Dr Alexander Lawson, Birmingham
  What POCT does primary care actually want?
Dr Matthew Thompson, Seattle, USA
Accumulation of LDL-C raising SNPs may be
responsible for hypercholesterolaemia in
FH mutation negative patients
Miss Jennifer Lake, Southend-on-Sea
  POCT informatics
Prof Jonathan Kay, Oxford
A pilot study to identify genetic factors that may be associated with an increased risk of acute neurovisceral attacks in patients with acute intermittent porphyria
Dr Danja Schulenburg-Brand, Cardiff

The biological variation of novel urinary
markers (IL-18 and TIMP2) of acute kidney
injury in patients with chronic kidney disease
Mr Christopher Parker, Canterbury

    Clinical utility of reporting 3-methoxytyramine
as part of a plasma metanephrines profile
Dr Sarah Pitkin, London


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